Representative Markets

  • Energy (electricity, renewables, natural gas, oil, and refined products)
  • Agriculture (grains, oilseeds, livestock, dairy, softs)
  • Metals (base, ferrous, specialist non-ferrous, precious, and rare)
  • Commoditized services (CO2 allowances and freight shipping)
  • Weather-linked securities
  • Currencies and cryptocurrencies

Representative Areas

  • Asset pricing
  • Asset management and portfolio allocation
  • Stranded assets
  • Financialization of commodities
  • ESG strategies for commodity pools and index traders
  • Regulation (EMIR, REMIT, MIFID, Dodd-Frank)
  • Risk measurement and management
  • Trading and hedging strategies
  • Contract securitization and derivative structuring
  • Corporate finance of producers and end consumers
  • Long-term investment financing
  • Macro market analysis and market microstructure
  • Market analysis
  • Econometric analysis and statistics
  • Quantitative financial modeling
  • Operations management and operations research
  • Logistics
  • Supply chains
  • Real options and physical asset valuation

ESG Focus

The organizers especially welcome papers on the nexus between commodities and ESG concerns (Environment, Social, Governance).


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