Conference Dinner

The conference registration fee includes a conference dinner on Tuesday, June 21 from 6:30-9:30 PM at:

The Berghoff Restaurant
17 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60603

The event will start with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, followed by dinner starting between 7-7:15PM.

We have booked their private room, which is located downstairs. To access it, please use the main entrance to the restaurant and then proceed downstairs: the separate staircase leading directly to the private quarters (where we will be) is currently closed by a metal gate.

Walking directions from DPI & Illini Center (0.4 miles, 10 minutes)

Cross Wacker Dr. and walk 5.5 blocks east on Adams St.

Walking directions from La Quinta Inn (0.5 miles, 11 minutes)

Walk 2 blocks east on Madison St. (away from the river), turn right onto LaSalle St., walk 4 blocks south, turn left onto Adams St., and walk 2.5 blocks east.

"The Berghoff is a rarity in America’s restaurant industry—100% family-owned and -operated for more than a century. It began with an immigrant and a dream…

The legacy can be traced back to 1870, when Herman Berghoff emigrated from Germany to America. After stints working on cotton and sugar cane plantations—and even time spent performing at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show—Herman opened his own brewery in Indiana.

When the World’s Fair came to Chicago in 1893, Herman Berghoff set up a stand in the Midway Plaisance and sold his beers to people entering and exiting the fair. His success at the fair prompted him to consider a more permanent place to sell his beer in Chicago. Thus, The Berghoff opened doors in 1898." (


Photo of exterior entrance to The Berghoff Restaurant with large vertical marquee sign overhead