Call for Abstracts

The main theme for the ESAAPG Meeting is Energy for All. As the theme implies, there are many aspects to delivering reliable energy across the United States (and globally) in a manner that encourages both investment and environmental sustainability. The technical program is designed to capture this diversity of methods and technologies. Abstract themes include:

  • Evaluation of Critical Mineral Resources – includes assessment methods, geochemical research, subsurface characterization, remote sensing techniques
  • Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons in Mature Basins – this is a broad category which includes innovative seismic interpretation, new insights into production from legacy reservoirs, sequence stratigraphy, source rock geochemistry,  novel interpretations of reservoir development, reservoir characterization and modeling, etc.
  • Energy Storage – includes natural gas, CO2, hydrogen, compressed air storage.  Also includes geothermal research.  This is a wide-ranging category to encompass all aspects of storage including reservoir performance and caprock integrity.
  • Production and Completion Techniques – topics could include completions in thin pay zones, innovative stimulation methods, reservoir compartmentalization, etc.  The focus is on increasing recovery efficiencies and improving production performance.
  • E & P Environmental Considerations and Regulatory Issues – topics could include Requirements for Class VI Permits, Regulatory Issues regarding Natural Gas Storage Fields, Surface Monitoring Techniques, etc.
  • Structural Geology, Tectonics, and Induced Seismicity – topics may include geomechanics, basin-scale modeling, reservoir injection evaluation and results, etc.
  • Unconventional Reservoirs – topics may include reservoir performance, innovative evaluation techniques, geomechanics, geochemistry, etc.

Submission Process

All abstracts will be reviewed for clarity, appropriate content for themed category, clear results and conclusions, and clearly stated methodology to support conclusions. No overt promotion of company or proprietary techniques are to be included in abstract. If abstract is deemed to include promotional material, the abstract will be rejected.

In filling out the abstract submission form, please state a preference for oral or poster presentation, or indicate either format would be acceptable. Student abstract submissions will be for poster presentation only (will be part of judging competition at Student Expo).

Please upload abstract in pdf format, using 11pt, arial font, with the body of abstract single-spaced. Total characters with spaces should not exceed 2500. Title is not included in character count. Title should precede body of abstract using both upper and lowercase letters, font should be Bold, and title should have a left margin alignment. Author (co-authors) affiliation double-spaced beneath title, left-margin alignment.

Please upload the abstract file in the following format: primaryspeakername_abbreviatedtitle.pdf



Speaker/presenter kits will be sent out to all accepted authors, both poster and oral. For oral presentation, all presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint, with slides created in the 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.