Abstract Submission: (Closed)

Oral Presentation Instruction

Presentations are 20 minutes in length, including questions. All visual presentations will be made via computer using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or Adobe Acrobat Version 10.0. Please ensure that your file(s) are uploaded to the Windows PC in your meeting room before your session is to begin. USB flash drives are recommended for the transfer of presentation files. If you have videos, audios, or both in your presentation, please test your presentation in the conference room early to make sure they work. You may have to copy the original audio or video files to the conference room computer and insert the video/audio files into your presentation again. An overhead projector will be available for exceptional circumstances and only if specifically requested in advance.

Poster Presentation Instruction

  • We recommend that you set your poster size to 45" (1.17m) wide X 35" (89cm) tall. Mounting materials will be supplied. Two posters will share each poster stand.
  • Poster session shares a room, Pine room, with a break room. We hope that this will facilitate the interaction with your colleagues.
  • Posters should be mounted by 8am on Mon, June 11th, and remained on the boards through Wed, June 13. Poster speakers are required to be in front of their posters during the break for discussion and questions.