The conference will start at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, July 25th through Wednesday evening July 27th ending with the conference Banquet.

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Registration will begin Monday at 8:30 a.m.on the Fifth floor of Beckman.

Location of Sessions:
Oral Sessions: 5602 Beckman Institute (Fifth floor)
Coffee Breaks: 5269 Beckman Institute (Fifth floor, tower room)
Lunch and Poster Session: 1005 Beckman Institute (Ground floor)
Please have posters up by Monday lunch.

Sessions / Topic Areas

  • Analytical methods for D-amino acid characterization
  • Central nervous system and peripheral organ diseases related to D-amino acid metabolism (nervous system, kidney, intestinal physiology and pathology, infectious diseases, etc.)
  • D-AAs in plants, microbiota, and the environment
  • D-amino acids in pharma and biotechnology
  • D-amino acid-containing peptides / proteins and the unusual D-amino acids (looking beyond D-Ser and D-Asp)
  • D-amino acids in nutrition and diet
  • Physiology and metabolism of D-AAs


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There will also be contributed talks and posters (with poster prizes for students).


Poster Presenters: Your poster should not exceed 4 ft tall x 3.5 ft wide. We will have 8 ft wide poster boards and hope to fit two posters on each side.


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