List of Accepted Papers

4th ICTG Conference Themes

  • Mechanistic-empirical design (road, railways, airfields and harbor facilities)
  • Optimized geomaterial (including hydraulically bound materials and asphalt mixtures) use, reuse and recycling in road embankments and structural layers
  • Sustainability in transportation geotechnics
  • Rail track substructures, including transition zones, and transportation geodynamics
  • Stabilization and reinforcement of geomaterials and its implications in pavement and rail track design
  • Geosynthetics in transportation applications
  • Subsurface sensing for transportation infrastructure
  • Intelligent construction in earthworks technology and management
  • Climatic effects on geomaterial behavior related to mechanics of unsaturated transportation foundations
  • Slope stability and risk management
  • Asset management
  • Deep foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Tunnels
  • Harbor geotechnics
  • Case histories
  • Pre-Conference Events

  • Meeting of Young Transportation Geotechnics Engineers (YTGE)
          YTGE Meeting Schedule
  • Short Course on Geosynthetics in Transportation Geotechnics
  • Workshop on Rail Track Substructure State of the Art Challenges
  • Workshop on Intelligent Compaction Technologies in Earthworks
  • Workshop on Sustainability and Climatic Effects in Mechanistic based Designs of Highway and Airfield Pavements
  • Workshop on Airfield Pavement Design and Rehabilitation