Call for Abstracts

The deadline to submit an abstract is January 15, 2018.

Submission Guidance

Submissions should describe:

  1. the water territory investigated and/or the territorial water issue of interest;
  2. the role of design in explicating the issue(s) present; and
  3. the proposed design opportunity, either as a set of strategies or interventions or as a speculative research project.

We want to produce new understanding of the particular issues of the North American inland water territories, and generate new proposals for the role of landscape as a strategic, physical, and regenerative medium for change.

Because many of the issues of this territory are shared with other continents, we encourage proposers with projects outside of North America to submit these other works; however, we ask for the submission to describe connections that the proposer believes links issues and insights between the territories near and far.

Submissions of design research that are ‘in-process’ as well as speculative (or very early) research projects will be considered. However, please note that we are less interested in projects that rely primarily on mapping as a projective exercise. The submissions must demonstrate how design methods and processes lead to design directions and resolutions.

Single, dual, and multi-authored submissions will be accepted. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the issues, we welcome proposals in which collaborative disciplinary perspectives are fundamental to the design research project. We encourage participation from across academic, professional, and creative practice. We also encourage student submissions.

Two categories of submissions will be accepted.

  • Papers: Submission of a 1000 word (maximum) abstract, ten bibliographic references, five keywords, and 3-4 sample images. Papers will be delivered at the symposium.
  • Visual essays: Submission of a 250 word abstract and 6-10 sample images of a visually-driven project, such as photography, film, physical models, drawings, and other media. We are interested in a broad range of graphic materials and design artifacts. We will present these projects as part of a symposium exhibition. Download the submission template (zip file).



Thank you. We look forward to reviewing your submission!