2010 Annual Faculty Retreat:
Crosscurrents of Creativity in Teaching


Theme of the Retreat

The theme of this year’s Retreat is “Crosscurrents of Creativity in Teaching.” We are excited to have Keith Sawyer, professor of psychology and education at Washington University in St. Louis, as our keynote speaker. He is one of the country’s leading scientific experts on creativity, innovation, and learning. Sawyer urges a shift away from “linear creativity,” holding that innovation emerges from creative collaborations throughout an organization. He has written ten books on creativity and innovation, his most recent books being Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration and Explaining Creativity: The Science of Human Innovation. Sawyer’s research, stories, and ideas will inform, inspire, and open the door to insights about creativity in teaching.


This year’s format combines tradition with innovation. After the keynote talk, participants will engage in an activity designed to connect Sawyer’s ideas to the creative practice of teaching. Our 2009-2010 Distinguished Teacher-Scholar, Professor Tim Stelzer (Physics) will be our lunch hour presenter. The poster session will highlight the scholarly research by our faculty and students on teaching and learning. There will be a special opportunity for conversation with our plenary speaker, Keith Sawyer, at the Fireside Chat.


Goals of the Retreat

The goals for the Annual Faculty Retreat are to build on our collective knowledge about teaching and learning, to share innovative ideas and approaches, and to promote partnerships within and beyond the campus community.