About the Conference

New Spaces of Translation: Third International Conference on Translation and Related Disciplines

Nouveaux espaces de traduction - Troisième Colloque International sur la traduction et les disciplines connexes

Globalization and advances in technology have profoundly influenced how we think about and practice translation and interpreting. This conference will seek to reflect on the changing landscape of the field through the concept of “New Spaces.” On the one hand, globalization has allowed new areas to emerge on the map of translation practices, shifting the cultural centers away from the Western world and towards other world regions, particularly Asia and Latin America, thereby generating spatial and cultural shifts in translation flows. On the other hand, in virtual space, the future of translation and interpreting is already being shaped by the interaction of human translators and interpreters with machines. This two-day international conference will examine the interactions between the physical and virtual spaces in which translation and interpreting take place in the 21st century.

We will consider how the concept of “New Spaces” applies to the following topics:

  • New voices in translation and interpreting theory and practice
  • The instability of physical and virtual boundaries and the impact it may have on the concept of genre
  • The emergence of inter-modal translation and adaptation
  • The relevance of intra-lingual translation, particularly in the emergent spaces of the translation sphere
  • The importance of re-translation for contemporary audiences
  • Collaboration among translators and interpreters
  • The evolving identity and function of the translator/interpreter in these new contexts

The conference will include a book exhibit and readings by guest authors/translators.

The University of Illinois Modern Languages and Literatures Libraries will sponsor an exhibit of translation materials.

Conference Proceedings will be published by the Dalkey Archive Press Scholarly Series.

Conference Chairs

Elizabeth Lowe, Professor and Director, Center for Translation Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Antoine Cazé, Director, Center for Translation Studies and Vice Provost for the Humanities Université Denis Diderot