Reimagining the Classroom Symposium

Our Mission

There has never been a more important time to consider the current and future state of the university classroom. Higher education is facing an almost unprecedented time of change where diverse forces such as shifting values, reduced revenue, and ubiquitous technologies are reshaping the landscape of teaching and learning.

The Reimagining the Classroom Symposium has evolved from its first Flexible Learning Summit in 2013, but our basic mission remains the same: to promote transformative learning experiences for our residential students by exploring the complex relationships between physical classrooms, teaching pedagogies, and emerging technologies.

Our Classrooms

We wouldn’t teach students with antiquated tools or theories, yet we often teach them in antiquated classrooms. Traditional classrooms and lecture halls date back to when orators spoke in auditoriums designed for that purpose. Newer teaching methods require alternative classrooms that encourage collaborative learning and technology integration.

It’s time to look critically at our classrooms. Are they helping or hindering the teaching and learning process, and what should we be doing to support the evolving needs of faculty and students?

Our Symposium

The 2018 theme of the Reimagining the Classroom Symposium is Classrooms Without Borders. While learner-centered classrooms remain our focus, we are casting a wider net this year to include new research on classrooms and classroom learning experiences. Classrooms Without Borders challenges us to question what we think we know and push beyond those boundaries to make new discoveries. Join us for a thought-provoking Symposium where designers, researchers, faculty, administrators, students, and staff come together to reimagine the classrooms of today and tomorrow.


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