In the spirit of the HCOM program, the HCB3 Conference is planned to be nearly asynchronous and driven by participants’ interests. Two types of presentations are planned: submitted presentations and one featured keynote presentation. 

The submitted presentations will be available from the morning of the first day (February 25, 2019) until March 8 for reactions by registered participants. Participants will have an opportunity to rate the presentations so we may make a top-paper award based on those ratings after March 1.

The featured keynote will be recorded and streamed February 25 at 3:30 pm CST for real-time viewing and reactions from remote participants for about one hour immediately following the presentation.



When will a schedule of the presentations be released? Will it be posted to the website or sent out to participants?
The titles are posted on the Program page. The presentations will be available for viewing from the morning of February 25 onward, and the comment windows will be open all day February 25, 26, 27, and March 1 until the end of the day on March 8.  During that time, presenters/authors are welcome to reply to comments.

How long are presentations supposed to be? Should they be an hour in length?

Length is up to presenter but to make them usable, 30 minutes is suggested.

Will participants be expected to do screen sharing? Or, will a facilitator be moving their slides while they present? Should they plan to use webcams or will that not be necessary? 
All presentations will use commonly accessible platforms, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, etc., and will include audio (voiceover) as well as visual content. We will provide a link to each presentation from the website.

What virtual platform will be used for the conference? Is it a program that the presenters will have to download in order to participate? Will participants have to do the same?
No downloads are necessary.

Will anyone be facilitating during the presentation to share questions that have been asked by audience members? 
The keynotes will be facilitated, but the other presentations will be self-guided and available for viewing and commentary.

Should presenters leave time for Q&A at the end of their sessions?
To make the conference asynchronous, there are no actual sessions. All Q&A will be handled in the conference discussion board. each presentation will have its own thread in the board.

Will an honorarium be made available to any of the speakers? 
Honoraria are not available for the presentations.

Should presenters plan to make time for a dry run? 
Presenters should submit their best recorded presentations.

When will presenters be notified of their speaking timeslot? 
See above - there are no scheduled timeslots except for the keynote live stream.

Are CEUs being offered?
Yes. Those who view all of the presentations and complete a questionnaire on each one are eligible for up to 1.4 CEUs (10 contact hours = 1 CEU).


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