Past Conferences

FSI 2022 Stats

  • 170 total participants (130 in-person + 40 virtual)
  • 30 colleges and universities represented
  • 18 sessions (including 7 hyflex)
  • 3 workshops
  • 4 roundtables
  • 3 poster presentations
  • 3 pre-recorded video presentations
  • 6 sponsors (5 exhibited)


What Past Participants Said:

  • "We all attend conferences in our disciplines... What was cool about this conference was the application of technology across disciplines."
  • "I was very happy with the sessions on accessibility and free/low-cost tech tools."
  • "The attendees were engaged and willing to share. Nice experience."
  • "I learned that representation and diversity matter in the classroom as it relates to technology. Thank you for making it a welcoming environment for those who come from diverse urban settings."
  • "This was the most effective educational conference I have ever attended."