Examples of Technology Use that both Extend Access and Enrich Quality

Themes & Ideas

  • University of Phoenix has invaded Maryland
  • just in time learning
  • from anywhere
  • publishers put out Web sites (exercises) with textbooks (e.g. public health, etc.)
  • choice of instructional materials
  • current issues and up to date
  • from anywhere
  • Northern Illinois U: access to new populations (e.g. handicapped) in nursing and other fields
  • access to new populations
  • flexibility
  • Publishers have videotapes, overheads we wouldn’t otherwise have
  • presentations livelier, up to date info
  • put video onto cable system?
  • Two-way video -
  • multiple inputs to the brain (sensory)
  • peer evaluations in writing; candid criticism from reader who can’t see the writer
  • maintain involvement
  • Lingua queer - rhetorical construction of gender - classes in a MOO
  • from any computer
  • MOO-specific teaching techniques (simulated rooms; link to Web)
  • online degree in library science from all around the country
  • synchronous and asynchronous, peer interaction (relative to lecture)



    1. Focusing the Curriculum

    2. On-Campus Specialities

    On-line Specialties

    3. BIGness Can Help Education be More Supportive, Individualized by: