Faculty Summer Institute

May 22, 1998



1. very little organized collaboration

2. staff, staff and more staff

3. limited resources

4. reward structure out of sync?

5. union contract

6. using technology to engage students in active learning


8. student orientation to learning w/ technology

9. technology for technology’s sake?

10. faculty development

11. fit w/ global marketplace

12. how to use graduate students

13. how to distribute computing resources

14. program/course development --integrity

15. technology "decay"

16. protective management of technology infrastructure

17. lack of institutional vision!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1.organized collaboration

• target one collaborative course/per department

• form alliance with ‘97 participants to raise awareness on campus, identify resources, etc.

• desperation: attack problems department by department

• form group each committed to becoming an expert in a particular area--pooling technical expertise

• model after Center for Teaching Advancement

• focus on course objectives over and above technology -- i.e. building community, writing across the curriculum, etc

• work w/ faculty development unit to build a mentoring program

• establish collaboratory to develop course modules, support faculty and staff,

• connect w/ ‘97 (and 99) group

• develop web page for FSI teams

2. Staff, staff, and more staff

• educate deans/department heads to build support

• FSI for deans and department chairs?

• inventory staff--what do we have on campus? redundancy?

• establish new division for support

• organize curriculum support with tech support to share/collaborate

• rethink role of graduate students

3. Limited resources

• need to focus resources on clear goals

• need institutional planning

• form advocacy group

• interdisciplinary approaches to resource development

• imagination to fit instructional goals into existing funding structure

• focusing resources toward "high impact" areas isolates faculty

4. Reward structure out of sync

• kind words

• tenure and promotion should recognize

• contracts should include expectations related to use of technology in instruction

• consider in work load

• reflected in departmental criteria (how do faculty initiate/facilitate criteria?)

• developing a "culture of activism" -- how to influence the culture at highest levels of institution

• appropriate awards

• identifying exemplar strategies of our own, model for administrators to embrace--sponsor innovations from "grass roots"

• be ready to respond as "vision" begins to trickle down from IBHE through institutions

• how to bring more faculty on board

6. Involving students in active learning

• need assessments and data to support improved learning outcomes


8. Student readiness to use technology

• encourage peer tutoring at departmental level

• rethink role of graduate students

• early in semester provide plenty of assistance in getting on-line

• structure team-based assignments so students can learn from each other

• instructional support offer training to faculty for specific courses

• involve students in teaching

9. Technology for technology’s sake

• emphasize potential for improved learning, rather than losing instructional technology

10. Faculty development

• FSI98 team take on resonsibility back home?

• set up institutional "spaces" in Web Board -- keep FSI web board going -- use to stay in touch and bring in ‘97teams

• faculty computer camp (spectrum of expertise)

11. Global marketplace

• how to support off-campus students


• Other

• partnerships among institutions (e.g. Chicagoland)

• integrate w/ regional higher education consortia?

• inventory what we can -- what we’re doing to connect -- noone has the answers




Carolyn Dahl