The 2023 Program will be posted soon; please check back.

2022 Program:

Vendors are located throughout the Holiday Inn Conference Center. All workshop presentations are in the White Oaks Ballroom in the Conference Center.

Tuesday, June 7

8:00 AM Optional Pre-Workshop Seminar (Savoy Room)
12:00 PM Registration 
1:30 PM  Welcome
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
1:45 PM  Response to Chemistry Events
Bob Mitzel, Vistra 
2:15 PM  On-Line Analysis of Filming Amines: Challenges and (a) Solution
Hal Stansfield, Waltron
2:45 PM  Changing Power Plant Chemistry and Glide Path to Shutdown

Steve Shulder (retired)

3:15 PM  Refreshment Break 
3:30 PM  Non-Phosphorous Cooling Water Technology
Robert Hendel, Suez 
4:00 PM  Algae & Your Industrial Water Chemistry
Kole Peterson, LG Sonic 
4:30 PM  HOD UV for Dechlorination
Dennis Bitter, Atlantium Technologies 
5:00 PM  Reception and Vendor Display
Vendors in the industry will have displays of their latest products and services for participants to view during the reception. 

Wednesday, June 8

7:00 AM Breakfast (Savoy Room)
7:30 AM  Registration 
8:00 AM  Introduction & Announcements
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair 
8:10 AM  Non-phosphate Cooling Water Program
Brian Snyder, NIPSCO 
8:40 AM  Degassed Cation Conductivity
Bob Mitzel, Vistra 
9:10 AM  Southern Company Anodamine Trial: An Experience Report
Jeremy Smith, Southern Company 
9:40 AM Refreshment Break 
10:30 AM  Surrogate Monitoring
Denton Slovacek, Hach 
11:00 AM  Latest Work on Using On-Line Surrogates to Monitor Corrosion Products in Cycling Operations
John Powalisz, Sentry 
11:30 AM  Advanced Performance Monitoring in Steam Surface Condensers
Eric Zubovic, Suez
12:00 PM  Lunch (Savoy Room)
1:00 PM  RO Make-Up Water Analysis - What to Look For
Ed Sylvester, ChemTreat
1:30 PM  Various Film-Forming Chemicals
Bob Mitzel, Vistra 
2:00 PM  Chasing the Fe: Experience in Developing a Corrosion Transport Monitoring Program
Colleen Scholl, HDR 
2:30 PM 

On-line Phosphate Monitoring for Real-time Optimization of Boiler Cycle Chemistry

3:00 PM  Refreshment Break
3:30 PM ZLD without Thermal Treatment or Membranes
Diane Martini, Burns & McDonnell 
4:00 PM  Oil Leaks in Cooling Water
Chip Westaby, Turner Designs 
4:30 PM  My DEMON Demineralizer is not Working, Who am I Going to Call?
Don Downey, Purolite 

Thursday, June 9

7:00 AM Breakfast (Savoy Room)
7:30 AM  Registration Desk Opens
8:00 AM  Introduction & Announcements 
  K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
8:05 AM  Role of IX in Wastewater Treatment
Peter Meyers, ResinTech
8:35 AM  On-line pH Analyzers not Matching the Lab Readings - and How to Fix It
Chris Searle, Thermo Fisher Scientific
9:05 AM  Normalizing your Abnormal RO - What is it Trying to Tell You?
Thomas Imbornone, Avista 
9:35 AM  Refreshment Break 
10:00 AM  Low Level Leachable Chlorine and Sulfur in Ion Exchange Resins
Nastaran Jadbabaei, Graver Technologies 
10:30 AM  Case Study of a New Oxidizing Biocide in Two Large Power Plant Cooling Towers That Use Recycled, Ammonia-contaminated Makeup Water
Daniel Shim, Justeq
11:00 AM  Workshop Wrap Up
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair 
11:15 AM