Last updated May 30, 2023

Vendors are located throughout the Holiday Inn Conference Center. All workshop presentations are in the White Oaks Ballroom in the Conference Center.

Tuesday, June 6

8:00 AM Optional Pre-Workshop Seminar (Savoy Room)
12:00 PM Registration 
1:30 PM  Welcome
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
1:45 PM  Treating Industrial Processes with Thin Film Nanocomposite Membranes
Brian Keenan, LG Chem Ltd. 
2:15 PM  Back to Basics Microbiological Control and Monitoring in Open Cooling Water Systems
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc
2:45 PM  Making Cooling Towers More Efficient
Maher Damak, Infinite Cooling
3:15 PM  Refreshment Break 
3:30 PM  The Use of Ion Exchange Resins in Wastewater Treatment
Larry Gottlieb, ResinTech 
4:00 PM  Importance of TOC Monitoring in Demineralized Water
Kevin Murphy, Swan Analytical 
4:30 PM  HRSG Boiler Tube Failures: Review of Some Common Failure Mechanisms
Mel Esmacher and Michael Adeosun, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions 
5:00 PM  Reception and Vendor Display
Vendors in the industry will have displays of their latest products and services for participants to view during the reception. 

Wednesday, June 7

7:00 AM Breakfast (Savoy Room)
7:30 AM  Registration 
8:00 AM  Introduction & Announcements
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair 
8:00 AM  Troubleshooting Manganese Contamination in Cooling Water
Peter Norman, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions 
8:30 AM  Two Novel Methods for Measurement and Control of Ultra Low Range Chlorine
Mike Feldman, Hach Company 
9:00 AM  NIPSCO Approach to Current Environmental Regulations
Rockey Pollard, NIPSCO 
9:30 AM Refreshment Break 
10:00 AM  Organics in Ion Exchange
Allyson Kriebel, DuPont 
10:30 AM  Recent Developments in Film Forming Chemistry, Technology & Applications
George Patrick, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions 
11:00 AM  Makeup Water Treatment and Condensate Return: Major Infuences on Chemistry Control in Go-Gen and Industrial Steam Generators
Brad Buecker, Buecker & Associates 
11:30 AM  Power Plant Brine Recovery System Case Study and Improvement Options
Dan Sampson, HDR
12:00 PM  Lunch (Savoy Room)
1:00 PM  Southern Company’s Approach to HRSG Supplemental Oxygen Injection
Jeremy Smith, Southern Company
1:30 PM  Early Leak Detection and a Robust Monitoring Program Help Prevent Improper Boiler Startups
Amanda Tyndall, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions 
2:00 PM  Practical Methods and Best Practices for Monitoring Film Forming Amines
Mike Feldman, Hach Company 
2:30 PM  How to Extract the Most Value from the Plant Customer – Supplier Relations
Nisso Fazliddinova, NextEra
3:00 PM  Refreshment Break
3:30 PM Protective Coatings for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Tubesheets & Waterboxes
Jim Mitchell, Plastocor 
4:00 PM  Using Non-Amine Filming Technology for HRSGs
David Little, Nalco 
4:30 PM  Film Forming Product Use
William Boyd, Apollo Water Services 

Thursday, June 8

7:00 AM Breakfast (Savoy Room)
7:30 AM  Registration Desk Opens
8:00 AM  Introduction & Announcements 
  K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
8:00 AM  Cycle Chemistry Simulator: Training Aid for Operators and Technicians
Kevin Zuchowski, NIPSCO
8:30 AM  Why Care About Chemistry Monitoring for Combined Cycle Plants?
Robert Bartholomew, Sheppard T. Powell Associates, LLC
9:00 AM  A Specialty Ion Exchange Resin for Deoxygenation Treatment of Boiler Makeup Water
Liu Zhendong, LANXESS Corporation 
9:30 AM  Refreshment Break 
10:00 AM  Operating Experience & Advances in a High Purity Water Treatment (RO-EDI) Plant
Ganesh Kamatkar, Air Liquide 
10:30 AM  Portlands Energy Centre Condenser Repair Project
Jim Mitchell, Plastocor
11:00 AM  Workshop Wrap Up
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
11:15 AM