Institutional Teams


Each campus will send a team of faculty and instructional support personnel.

Chicago State University
Janet Grange, Accounting
Jo-Ellen Ross, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Richard Treptow, Chemistry and Physics

Eastern Illinois University
Denise Clark, English
Jeffrey Cross, Academic Affairs
Doug Davis, Physics
Shelley French, Foreign Languages
Pat Graves, School of Business
Joy Kammerling, History
Linda Morford, Educational Administration
Patricia Poulter, Music
Linda Spangler, Booth Library
Wafeek Wahby, School of Technology
Jim Wallace, Counseling and Student Development

Governor's State University
Glenda Allen-Jones, Early Childhood Education
Paul Blobaum, University Library
Sandi Estep, COE/Educational Administration
Gary Fisk, CELCS
edna fry, Accounting and MIS
Kathleen Hamby, CBPA
Phyllis Johnson, MSW Social Work
Shelly Kumar, Chemistry
Judy Lewis, College of Health Professions
Nancy MacMullen, Nursing
Zam Malik, Management/Maketing/PA
Sandra Mayfield, Communication Disorders
Marlene Murphy, Business and Public Administration
Brenda Stennis, Library Techincal Support Services
catherine Tymkow, College of Health Professions: Nursing

Illinois State University

Northeastern Illinois University
Lucrecia Artalejo, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Barry Birnbaum, Special Education
Diane Ehrlich, Educational Leadership and Development
Katherine Gleiss Monar, Academic Development
Paul Heydenburg, Center for Teaching & Learning
Martinique Johns, Center for Teaching & Learning
Jianwen Liao, Management and Marketing
Mary Ellen McGoey, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Warren Menezes, Chemistry
Alice Murata, Counselor Education
Jane Peller, Social Work

Northern Illinois University
Radha Balamuralikrishna, Technology
Steven Builta, College of Education
Daniel Cabrera, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
Charles Condon, College of Law
Kent Gallagher, Theatre & Dance
Omar Ghrayeb, Industrial Engineering
Leanne Lauer, University Libraries
Nipa Phojanamongkolkij, Industrial Engineering
Carol Scheidenhelm, Faculty Development and Instructional Design
Robert Schneider, Theatre and Dance

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Steven Dick, Radio-Television

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Bijoy Bordoloi, Computer Management & Information Systems
Jen-Shiun Chen, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alice Farley, English
Arleen Fearing, School of Nursing
Joel Knapp, Music
Urszula Ledzewicz, Mathematics and Statistics
Gladys Mabunda, Nursing
rowena mcclinton, history
John Navin, Economics and Finance
Jennifer Vandever, Faculty Technology Center
Bin Zhou, Geography

University of Illinois at Chicago
Kathleen Baldwin, Public Health, Mental Health, and Administrative Studies in Nursing
Edward Campbell, ACCC - Instructional Technology Lab
Ernie Duran, Academic Computing and Communication Center
Ed Garay, Academic Computing and Communications Center
Rebecca Lind, Communication
Norma Lopez-Reyna, Education
Josh Naylor, ACCC - Instructional Technology Laboratory
James Weber, Information and Decision Sciences
Ricki Witz, College of Nursing

University of Illinois at Springfield
patrick cheak, Educational Technology
Dyanne Ferk, Business Administration
Barbara Hayler, Criminal Justice
Laurel Newman, Business Administration
William Phillips, Educational Leadership
Cindy Wilson, Teacher Education Program

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mark Aber, Psychology
Nicole Allen, Psychology
Lanny Arvan, CITES
Robert Baird, CITES Ed|Tech
Aaron Benjamin, Psychology
Susan Campanini, Guided Individual Study
Hyun Eun Choi, Guided Individual Study
Ed Glaser, CET
Mirta Gonzalez, Web Tehnology Gorup
Amanda Grunden, Academic OUtreach
Leslie Hammersmith, CITES-EdTech
Justin Kruger, Psychology
Chris Lehman, CITES - Ed Tech
Binsar Marseto, CITES Ed|Tech
Douglas Mills, CITES EdTech
Joseph Petry, Economics
Michael Plewa, Crop Sciences
Jan Predmore, CITES Division of Educational Technology
Jorge Ramírez, Psychology
John Toenjes, Department of Dance
Yijia Zhao, CITES

Western Illinois University
Tawnya Adkins Covert, Sociology and Anthropology
Barbara Audet, English and Journalism
Kevin Bacon, Agriculture
Michael Campbell, Music
Martin Coe, Accountancy
Janice King, Family and Consumer Sciences
Greg Montalvo, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies
Terry Mors, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
James Schmidt, College of Arts & Sciences
William Thompson, WIU Libraries

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