Workshop Workshop Title Presenter
BB 1 Beginning Features of Blackboard Josh Naylor
BB 2 Advanced Features of Blackboard - Facillitating Communication Carol Scheidenhelm
BB 3 Advanced Features of Blackboard - Testing Rosters Paul Heydenburg & Martinique Johns
BB 4 Integrating Multimedia Content in Blackboard Paul Heydenburg & Martinique Johns
BB 5 Blackboard Tips and Tricks Josh Naylor
WCT 1 Introduction: Getting Started J.P. Dunn & Jennifer Vandever
WCT 2 WebCT Student Management J.P. Dunn
WCT 3 WebCT Testing using Respondus J.P. Dunn & Jennifer Vandever
WCT 4 WebCT Content Management J.P. Dunn
WCT 5 Customizing your WebCT Page J.P. Dunn
PPT 1 Introduction to Power Point Steve Builta
PPT 2 Intermediate Power Point Steve Builta
PPT 3 Intergrating Multimedia Content into Power Point Steve Builta
STRM 1 Closed/Open Captioning for Streaming Video Dan Cabera
STRM 2 Streaming Power Point Presentations with Real Presenter Dan Cabera
WD 1 Taming Dreamweaver Steve Dick
WD 2 Dreamweaver Martinique Johns & Paul Heydenburg
WD 3 Working with Dreamweaver Behaviors Ernie Duran
WD 4 Acrobat PDF - The Ideal Format for Document Sharing in the Classroom Volker Kleinschmidt
WD 5 Acrobat PDF - The Interactive Document Volker Kleinschmidt
WD 6 Basic HTML Jennifer Vandever
WD 7 Introduction to Macromedia Flash 5.0 Ed Campbell
WD 9 Developing Web Interactivity with Flash Ernie Duran
WD 12 Introduction to Abobe Photoshop 6.0 Ed Campbell
WD 13 Advanced Web Images with Photoshop Roger Runquist
PDGY 1 Developing Online Conversations Steve Dick
PDGY 2 Setting Up and Running Effective Bulletin Boards Ray Schroeder & Carol Scheidenhelm
PDGY 3 Effective Communication in Online Classes Ray Schroeder
PDGY 4 Combating Online Dishonesty Steve Dick
PDGY 5 Designing Instruction For the Web Heidi Greer
PDGY 6 Rethinking and Reformatting Traditional Course Materials and Projects for Online Delivery Carol Scheidenhelm
MISC 2 Digital Photos Jennifer Vandever