Online Materials



Jim Lucas -- Blackboard 101 course

Jim Lucas -- Building Courses in Blackboard 5 (2.33 Mb PDF file)

Jim Lucas -- Blackboard Tutorial Files (1.88Mb zip file)


Steve Dick -- Customizing Your WebCT Page

Steve Dick -- Developing Online Conversations

Streaming Media

Jay Orbik -- Real Producer & SlideShow materials

Steve Dick -- Streaming Media on a Budget

Adobe Acrobat/PDF

Volker Kleinschmidt -- "Adobe Acrobat 4.05"

Macromedia Dreamweaver

Volker Kleinschmidt -- "Macromedia Dreamweaver 3"


John Drea -- FrontPage 2000 Notes (4 Mb Word File)


John Drea -- Template for Jeopardy (PPT file)

John Drea -- Intermediate PowerPoint (Word doc || PPT file)


Lanny Arvan -- "Implementation on the Campuses"

Rebecca Bostian -- "Where We're At Regarding Copyright Issues"

"Peggy Lant -- "Is the Lecture Irrelevant in the Twenty-First Century?"


Terry Weech, Kent Elwood, Deborah Beal, and Doug Day

-- "Merlot" (PPT file)

Cathy Gunn -- "E-Learning in Illinois and Beyond"

Barbara O'Keefe -- "From Prototype to Practice: Institutionalizing Changes in Instructional Methods and Media"

Steven J. McDonald -- "© 2001" || "Useful Copyright Law Resources on the Internet"

Chris Sorensen -- "Active Learning Online" (Web Page | PPT File)

"Governors State University -- Policy on University Sponsored Educational Materials"


Jim Lucas -- CGI and Javascript Workshop

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