1st Question Group


Questions Asked/Issues Raised by FSI attendees during afternoon plenary at Colwell Playhouse:
 1)                How much time does it take to develop?


2)                  What are the student contact hours?


3)                  Does the professor have resources?


4)                  What resources are available to students?


5)                  How can administrative pressures be dealt with at various levels?


6)                  What kinds of technical support and training do you offer?


7)                  What are the competing goals of research versus a website?


8)                  How do you train students to use the technology?


9)                  How can one assess the impact of technology?


10)              How does the administration value this work (i.e. tenure, release time)?


11)              How can different types of students use this technology?


12)              Do you offer courses that can be taken from a distance?


13)              What is the motivation for these courses?


14)              Who supports these classes?


15)              How can testing with different platforms be accomplished?


16)              How can lack of software/hardware/knowledge be dealt with?


17)              Why do certain packages have instructional support and others donít?


18)              Are the faculty concerned with intellectual policy rights?


19)              How can one deal with student resistance?


20)              What is the difference between courses done by individual faculty versus teams?


21)              What are the guidelines about course meetings, etc.?


22)              How can one receive discipline specific support?


23)              What about accessing electronic reserves?


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