title (PowerPoint, Word, & HTML files) presenter session or workgroup
Actively Engaging Students in Instructional Media Production Beth Reutter & Jim Javenkoski Video in Online Instruction
An American Literature Project: How Country-Western Music Perpetuates the American Tradition Peggy Lant Thursday Closing Plenary Session
Building Instructional Communities: Next Steps for Distributed Education Barbara O'Keefe Thursday Plenary Session
Cheating on the Web Kostas Yfantis Applications I: Online Quizzing
Conceiving, Designing, and Building an Academic Web Project Robert Baird & Leslie Hammersmith Applications III: Advanced
Comparing Written and Video Instruction Jim Painter Video in Online Instruction
Comparison of Quizzing in CourseInfo, Mallard & WebCT Kostas Yfantis Applications I: Online Quizzing
Creating Viewlets Kostas Yfantis Software Smorgasbord
Creating Vignettes | the videos Katherine Ryan Video in Online Instruction
Demo of FirstPage2000: web page | ppt Leslie Hammersmith Software Smorgasbord
Faculty Exemplars Panel Dennis Hostetler, Pat Manfredi, Wendy Shaw Faculty Exemplars
1st Question Group FSI Attendees afternoon plenary--questions from audience
Implementation on the Campuses Lanny Arvan Campus Teams and Institutional Networking Dinner
Introduction to Mallard Kostas Yfantis Applications I: Online Quizzing
Northern Illinois Univ. FSI Web Site Carol Scheidenhelm Campus Teams
Putting Docs into CourseInfo Jan Predmore Documents into CourseInfo
A Quick Guide to Basic HTML Lynn Ward HTML sessions
Remembering Why We are Here Peggy Lant Thursday Closing Plenary Session
State of the Art Applications in e-learning Burks Oakley Opening Plenary
Understanding Fiction and Poetry Peggy Lant Thursday Closing Plenary Session
Using Netscape Composer with WebCT Robert Baird Putting Course Documents into WebCT
Web Style Guide Patrick Lynch & Sarah Horton Applications III: Advanced
Web Style Guide: "Interface Design" Lynch & Horton Applications III: Advanced


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