Faculty Summer Institute on Learning Technologies

Report from Campus Team Meeting

UIUC Faculty Participants


The team meeting on Wednesday, May 19, 1999 was attended by the following: Abbas Anminmansour, Anita Feller, Lyle Fettig, Linda Lehovec, Jordana Mendelson, Linda Robbennolt, and Rebecca Williamson.  Abbas Anminmansour agreed to attend the Evaluation Team Dinner Meeting on Thursday.  Jordana Mendelson agreed to give the Campus Report on Friday.  Lyle Fettig agreed to write the team report, using Jordana’s notes and personal reflection on the team meeting.  (The composition of this group was five from Fine and Applied Arts, one from Commerce, and one from ACES.)


It was the shared opinion of the group that the FSI had been a productive experience with exposure to many potential applications, stimulating plenary session speakers, and opportunities to discuss issues and applications with colleagues from other campuses as well as those from UIUC.  The issues that we discussed are given here without conclusions about them.   These are given with no implied priority of importance in ordering the issues.  Some of these are interrelated to others, and might be sorted differently by anyone else on the team who had the task of this summary.


Availability of Resources

Hardware, software and technical support

Reliability or resources

Continued access and funding

Will SCALE continue or be broadened


Discipline Differences

Language/development of technology

Needs and goals

Importance of visual literacy

Levels of support


Values/Rewards System

Motivation for involvement

Intellectual property rights

Issues of privacy

Politics of promotion of technology


Pedagogical Returns

Costs versus benefits

Effectiveness versus efficiency

Sustained time and talent investment required

Impact on students as learners


Several of these issues were addressed by teams from other campuses as well as by our team representative at the Friday program of FSI.  We see this dialog as one that needs to be continued as we all seek the best answers in our collective and individual situations.