Illinois State University

What can work on our campus?

How can we make it work?


  1. The current organization and infrastructure for IT appears fragmented and unclear to faculty.

    (E.g. who is the new IS vice president? What happens to ITS, Network services, Computer user services? Who will people report to; who will be responsible for specific functions? How do the different technology committees work together?)

    Establish and publicize the "line of command" and the logic for the organization. Avoid redundancy of technology committees and improve communication among groups and to faculty and staff.

  1. The University has to think seriously about its niche in the future Global Market and its role in distance education.

    It will have to change policies and procedures to support on-line admission, registration, book purchases, etc. It will have to invest in support areas for distance education.

  1. The University seems to have a standard system for site licenses. It needs to be sure all campus labs/offices are able to comply with minimum standards across campus in a timely manner.

    The university currently has a help desk. We would like to be sure all help desk personnel know the campus-wide licensed software. In addition the help desk can arrange to visit offices if phone help is not sufficient. (Visits may be a college responsibility)

  1. We have pockets of excellence and advancement on campus, but people do not know what other faculty and staff are doing.

    Create informal user faculty groups on campus to share innovations, problems, etc. to harness talent and lend support.

  1. Because the university seems to have an adequately installed base of hardware and software for faculty and student use, it should focus on faculty development and support.

ISU has a strong and innovative "Center for Advancement for Teaching." We could model Academic Computing support on the model. The two areas already have worked together on some projects and programs.

ITS could work with colleges to recognize technology innovations in teaching, just as the University currently has a general teaching excellence award and infrastructure. This is one way to build in recognition for the promotion and tenure process.