Illinois Interinstitutional Faculty Summer Institute on Learning Technologies

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Local Plans and Solutions

Infrastructure and Support

Infrastructure and Support on this campus was considered to be satisfactory and was not discussed.

Incentives and Reward Structures

Time is the issue for faculty

  1. Incentives of some sort should be provided for training, if it is to be extensive.
  2. Trainers should be substantively rewarded.
  3. There should be a balance of rewards across the campus.
  4. Can UIUC faculty apply for study in a second discipline grant to learn and implement learning technologies?

Training and Development (Faculty)

Time is the issue for faculty here also.

  1. Intensive training at the appropriate levels needs to be localized and focused on technology that the faculty member can use to improve instruction.
  2. Training needs to be delivered in established time periods of sufficient length so that the technology can be tried as well as appreciated.
  3. The staff to provide the training should be recognized for their contribution. Are the participants in the Summer Institute on Learning Technologies expected to provide this training?
  4. Grants for training are desirable. The criteria for making the grants need to be examined carefully beforehand.

Training and Development (Students and Teaching Assistants)