Illinois Interinstitutional Faculty Summer Institute on Learning Technologies

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Infrastructure and Support Issues

-We need more support for infrastructure and technical support staff. If we were to go full steam ahead into asynchronous learning, our network would have a difficult time carrying the load.

-Modem access is too limited. Most of our students live off-campus and if they access the network from home, it's through a modem. The 28.8 baud connection is limited to half-hour slots and the 14.4 connection is limited to 4 hours. 14.4 baud is not adequate for heavy use of multi-media.

-Information Technology should consider outsourcing to MidWest Internet to increase accessibility by modem.

-Students should have training during freshman orientation and be given an e-mail account at that time.

-We need better documentation of computer lab use.

-Lab access is a big issue. There is a problem with the number of computers available and with the number of hours the labs are open.

Incentives and Reward Structures

-Incentives and reward structures for faculty involvement are non-existant. At this time, everyone is waiting for the contract negotiations with the newly instated Faculty Union (IEA) to be completed.

-The only people who really get involved are those who are intrinsically motivated.

-Possible incentives are: summer stipends, release time, credit toward tenure.

-There should be a support group for faculty with an instrinsic interest: