General Information

The theme of this year’s retreat is “Harnessing the Science of Emotion to Spark Learning.” When students talk about a memorable teacher, they frequently use words like “enthusiasm” or” passion.” These words describe teachers who have a “contagious fire” and excitement: teachers who arouse curiosity and interest in their students for learning and the course. As faculty, we know our content, but do we know the importance of cognition and emotion in learning? Emotions drive motivation, wonderment, creativity, and persistence. How do we consider the emotions of our students when planning our syllabi, presentations, class lessons and activities?

At the retreat, we will highlight several of our exemplary teachers across the disciplines who have activated and supported learning through the power of emotion. Retreat attendees will participate in hands-on activities, simulations, and large and small group discussions. Helpful resources from our faculty presenters will be provided. In addition, we encourage attendees to apply for this year’s grants to implement ideas inspired during the retreat.

Goals of the Retreat

The goals for the Annual Faculty Retreat are to build on our collective knowledge about teaching and learning, to share innovative ideas and approaches, and to promote partnerships within and beyond the campus community.