Program - as of 5/15/17

Tuesday, June 6

Noon Registration 
1:30 PM  Welcome
  K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
1:50 PM  Safety Talk: Chemical Unloading 
  Bert Valenkamph, NIPSCO 
2:05 PM  Carbon Dioxide for Waste Water pH Control 
  Scott Reeves, Consumers Energy 
2:35 PM  Case Study: On-Line Chloride and Sulfate Measurement by Microfluidic Capillary Electrophoresis 
  Akash Trivedi, Mettler-Toledo Thornton 
3:05 PM  Break 
3:25 PM  Silica Removal by Ion Exchange 
  Peter Meyers, Resin Tech 
3:55 PM  Maintaining Constant Sample Line Flow & Velocity in Cycling Power Plants 
  Jason Thomas, Sentry Equipment and Abel Arniella, FPL 
4:25 PM  Trends in Mercury Wet Deposition and Mercury Air Concentrations across the U.S. and Canada 
  David Gay, University of Illinois 
5:00 PM  Reception and Vendor Display 
  Vendors in the industry will have displays of their latest products and services for participants to view during the reception. 

Wednesday, June 7

7:30 AM  Registration 
8:00 AM  Introduction and Announcements 
  K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
8:05 AM  Environmental Regulations Continued Effect on the Electric Utility Industry 
  Bert Valenkamph, NIPSCO 
8:35 AM  Correlating Laser Nephelometric Techniques to Traditional Monitoring of Silt Density Index in RO Systems 
  Ken Kuruc, Hach Company 
9:05 AM  Development and Application of a Novel Filming Corrosion Inhibitor in Combined Cycle and Conventional Steam Boiler Systems 
  Daniel Cicero, Nalco Water 
9:35 AM Break 
10:05 AM  Modern Ion Exchange Resin Analysis 
  Hal Stansfield or Bill Bornak, Recirculation Technologies, Inc. 
10:35 AM  Startup and Commissioning of Plant Gaston's Auxiliary Boiler, A Water Chemistry Perspective 
  Jeremy Smith, Southern Company 
11:05 AM  Reverse Osmosis Basics 
  Jane Kucera, Nalco Water
1:00 PM  Treatment Selection and Optimization of Cycle Chemistry in Fossil Plants
  Steve Shulder, EPRI 
1:30 PM  Advances in Cycle Chemistry Sampling Equipment for Cycling Power Plants 
  John Powalisz, Sentry Equipment
2:00 PM  Mercury Re-emission Inhibition Case Study 
  Brandon Jeffries, We Energies 
2:30 PM  Break 
3:15 PM  Environmental Air Compliance Monitoring 
  Rockey Pollard, NIPSCO 
3:45 PM Condenser Retubing - Materials Selection and Ranking 
  George Licina, Structural Integrity Associates 
4:15 PM  Developing a Pilot Test Plan 
  Diane Martini, Burns & McDonnell 
4:45 PM  Ion Exchange Resin Testing - How Do I Understand What Has Been Reported? 
  Don Downey, Purolite

Thursday, June 8

7:30 AM  Registration
8:00 AM  Introduction 
  K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
8:05 AM  Controlling Drum Carryover - A Critical Component in Ensuring Steam Quality
  Colleen Layman, HDR, Inc.
8:35 AM  Membrane Capacative Deionization
  Josh Rembusch, Danco
9:05 AM  Lessons from California: Accurately Measuring <2ppm NOx at Natural Gas Plants 
  Don Klotz, M&C Tech Group 
9:35 AM  Break 
10:00 AM  Filming Amines for Cooling Water – A New Twist on a Familiar Treatment 
  Mary Glass, Mexel 
10:30 AM  New HRSG Chemistry Commissioning - Practical Aspects 
  Nisso Fazliddinova, FPL 
11:00 AM  Sample System Refurbishment Concurrent with LP Turbine Replacement
  David Webster, Solutions, Inc.
11:30 AM  Workshop Wrap Up 
  K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair