Tuesday, June 5

Noon Registration 
1:30 PM  Welcome
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
1:45 PM  Environmental Regulations Effecting the Electric Utility Update
Bert Valenkamph, NIPSCO 
2:15 PM  Flow Accelerated Corrosion
Steve Shulder, EPRI 
2:45 PM  Managing Boiler Chemical Cleaning Wastewater - Options Under NPDES and RCRA - A Case Study
Diane Martini, Burns & McDonnell | Brett Mack, Power South 
3:15 PM  Break 
3:30 PM  Resin Fouling, Etc., or Trace Contaminants
Peter Meyers, ResinTech 
4:00 PM  HP Turbine Foam Cleaning
Chris Taylor, Ameren 
4:30 PM  Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion: What It Is; What It Isn't; and Associated Myths
George Licina, Structural Integrity 
5:00 PM  Reception and Vendor Display
Vendors in the industry will have displays of their latest products and services for participants to view during the reception. 

Wednesday, June 6

7:30 AM  Registration 
8:00 AM  Introduction and Announcements
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair 
8:05 AM  Closed Cooling Water Contamination and Online Remediation
Michael Masaitis, FPL 
8:35 AM  Interpretation of Plant Chemistry Data and Applying This for Solving Problems
Robert Mitzel, Dynegy 
9:05 AM  CCRO: The New Standard for Boiler Makeup & Process Water
Bruce Alderman, Desalitach 
9:35 AM Break 
10:15 AM  Understanding and Effectively Managing Your Condensate Polishing System
Colleen Layman Scholl, HDR, Inc. 
10:45 AM  Corrosion Product Transport Monitoring with Nepholometry
Randy Turner, Swan Analytical USA 
11:15 AM  Gravity Chemical Feed Systems for Cooling Towers at NIPSCO's R. M. Schahfer Station
Brian Snyder, NIPSCO 
12:00 PM  Lunch Break
1:00 PM  Factors Affecting Selection of Technology for Water Treatment
Ganesh Kamatkar, Air Liquide
1:30 PM  Unit 3 Silica Contamination; A Perfect Storm
Branden Powell, City Water Light and Power 
2:30 PM  Break 
3:15 PM  Safety Considerations of Boiler Chemical Cleaning
Nisso Fazliddinova, FPL 
3:45 PM Intelligent Chemistry Alarms
John Powalisz, Sentry Equipment Corporation | Doug Hubbard, AEP 
4:15 PM  An Ounce of Prevention
Dan Dixon, LES | Brad Buecker, ChemTreat 
4:45 PM  Trends in Biological Treatment for FGD Wastewater
Diane Martini | Sidney Vadbunker, Burns & McDonnell 

Thursday, June 7

7:30 AM  Registration
8:00 AM  Introduction 
  K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair
8:05 AM  Condenser and Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Patrick Lane, Conco
8:35 AM  Neutralizing Amines
Phil Egebrecht, ChemStaff
9:05 AM  Evaluation of Long-Term Membrane Performance
Dennis Bitter, Atlantium 
9:35 AM  Break 
10:00 AM  Utilizing Digital Tools to Optimize Mobile Water System Operations
Jeff Sirko, SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions 
10:30 AM  Effects of Film Forming Products on Iron Monitoring in the Steam Cycle
Ken Kuruc, Hach 
11:00 AM  Extending Tube Life
Jim Mitchell, Plastocor | Justin Ruplinger, WPS
11:30 AM  Wastewater Chlorination Compliance
Andrea Gulla, Thermo Fischer 
12:00 PM  Workshop Wrap Up
K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., Workshop Chair