Pre-Workshop Seminar

The Basics of Air & Water Environmental Treatment Processes for Power Plants

The Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop will feature an optional pre-workshop seminar on the basics of an important aspect of power plant water treatment. This half-day training seminar will provide fundamental information regarding air and water environmental treatment processes. The seminar will be taught by Brad Buecker, ChemTreat, and Michael Pudvay, Veolia.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s “war on coal” has kept much attention focused on air emissions, including those of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. However, liquid emissions from all plants, not just coal-fired units, are coming under increased regulation. The 2018 pre-conference seminar will focus upon emerging and evolving liquid effluent emissions guidelines, and will examine technologies to allow plant owners, operators, engineers, and chemists to meet new requirements. Equipment selection, additions, or modifications may influence not only wastewater treatment but other aspects of plant operation such as makeup and cooling water treatment. In some cases, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) may be the only viable wastewater treatment option. All of these issues will be examined in the seminar.

The seminar will include a hard copy of the PowerPoint slides so that attendees can take notes throughout the presentation. The format will be informal, with questions allowed during the presentations. The seminar will be held from 8:00 to 11:30 AM at the Hawthorn Suites. Use the registration form to sign up. The pre-workshop seminar registration fee includes all seminar materials and a morning break. If received on or before May 22, the fee is $50. After May 22, the fee will be $75. Attendance at the Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop is not required to attend this seminar.