Pre-Workshop Seminar

The Basics of Cooling Water and Cooling Treatment

The Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop will feature an optional pre-workshop seminar on the basics of an important aspect of power plant water treatment. This half-day training seminar will provide fundamental information regarding power plant cooling water. The seminar will be taught by Brad Buecker, KIEWIT ENGINEERING GROUP INC, and Raymond M. Post, ChemTreat, Inc.

Almost all power plants use water for cooling condensers and other plant components. The quality and treatment of the cooling water can significantly affect the efficiency, equipment life, and health and safety aspects of plant operations. Microbiological fouling, mineral scale deposition, suspended solids deposition, and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) are some aspects to consider with cooling water treatment and control. This seminar will examine the potential damage mechanisms inherent in cooling water and the treatment programs and strategies for controlling these mechanisms.

Seminar topics will include:
  • Types of power plant cooling water systems
  • Microbiological fouling, control, and monitoring
  • Macrobiological fouling, control, and monitoring
  • Mineral scale and deposition
  • Suspended solids deposition and control
  • Corrosion basics prediction, and control
  • Practical aspects of cooling water programs
  • The seminar will include a hard copy of the PowerPoint slides so that attendees can take notes throughout the presentation. The format will be informal, with questions allowed during the presentations. The seminar will be held from 8:00 to 11:30 AM at the Hawthorn Suites. Use the registration form to sign up. The pre-workshop seminar registration fee includes all seminar materials and a morning break. If received on or before May 23, the fee is $50. After May 23, the fee will be $75. Attendance at the Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop is not required to attend this seminar.