Faculty Information

The College of Fine + Applied Arts will hold its third annual Arts Exchange on October 10, 2017.


Arts Exchange is:

  • A cross-college interdisciplinary enrichment program of workshops intended to introduce FAA students to the variety of ideas, concepts, knowledge, art forms, skills, and people that comprise our college.
  • A chance for faculty and staff to deliver a new topic through innovative teaching methods and reach new audiences. Ideally, each workshop will require no previous knowledge or skill of participants and be as interactive as possible.


Through Arts Exchange, FAA students from diverse disciplines will experience a taste of the best of the visual arts, design, humanities, planning, and performing arts at Illinois. By building their own customized program of interactive workshops, a student might:

  • Learn the basics of songwriting from renowned music educators;
  • Create sustainable paper while learning about the making process;
  • Adapt part of Shakespeare’s original works using her own imagination and ideas;
  • Explore the links between health and the built environment by taking part in a scavenger hunt;
  • Get tips on public speaking from an experienced actor;
  • Learn about what goes into building a traveling art exhibition from museum staff.

Arts Exchange will only succeed if a significant number of our faculty, staff, and students participate.   There are a number of ways you can support this initiative: present a workshop, attend workshop sessions offered by your colleagues across the college, encourage student participation, and communicate about Arts Exchange with your students.


Why are we doing this? The goals of this event are to strengthen the FAA student experience as uniquely situated within a college of excellent arts thinkers and creators, to discover new common interests across college departments and schools in support of curricular and research innovation, and to respond to common student requests for exposure to other art forms, while retaining our distinctive areas of excellence.


What about regularly scheduled courses? We ask all FAA faculty to plan ahead and adjust their syllabi to accommodate this one-day event so all students may participate. Faculty are the best judges of how such adjustments can be accomplished, e.g., by covering content more intensively in course sessions leading up to and after the event, rescheduling a make-up session, etc. We hope the alternative educational workshops offered on this day will expand student and faculty understanding and involvement in the diverse offerings of our college. We encourage you to require your students to attend an Arts Exchange workshop in lieu of your regularly scheduled class. We will ask students to sign in at each workshop and then make attendance logs available to departments.


Where will the workshops be held? In the classrooms and other spaces throughout FAA. That’s why it’s important for faculty to make adjustments to their syllabi for October 10 as many teaching spaces will be repurposed for the workshops.


I do not see any way to make an adjustment to my syllabus to accommodate this opportunity for students. Who should I speak with? If you feel that you cannot adjust your teaching schedule for this one day to allow your students to participate in the Arts Exchange, please discuss with your School Director or Department Head as soon as possible.


Where did this idea come from? The collective brainstorming that resulted in the FAA 2014–17 Strategy. One of the suggestions we adopted was to facilitate a cross-college interdisciplinary enrichment program of seminars and workshops open to both FAA and non-FAA majors. This year’s delivery of Arts Exchange, while focused on FAA majors, will also be open to undeclared, general studies students and those taking non-major FAA classes.


I’d like to offer a workshop. How does it work? Go to the Workshop Proposal Submission page and click on the “Submit a Proposal” button. Co-taught workshops are encouraged. We’re hoping you’ll agree to teach the workshop more than once, and possibly several times, during the Arts Exchange, so that many students will learn from you. Some of the most popular workshops offered last year during Arts Exchange involved interactive activities.