Short Course

Mechanics of Random and Fractal Media: An Introduction
May 22, 2015
9am - 5pm
Instructor: Prof. Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

Course Objective

This course gives a basic exposition of an array of methods developed over the past few decades, and necessary for reading the literature and doing research on mechanics of random and/or fractal materials.


Course Outline
  • Introduction to stochastic geometric models of microstructures
  • Scalar and tensor random fields; fractal and Hurst effects
  • Mesoscale bounds on effective responses of random elastic materials; size of representative volume element (RVE)
  • Mesoscale bounds for random nonlinear (in)elastic media; coupled fields, permeability
  • Stochastic mechanics as a basis for stochastic finite elements (SFE)
  • Oscillators, rods, beams with random/fractal properties under random/fractal loadings
  • Mechanics of fractal media

  • Course Notes: to be distributed

    Who Will Benefit: Researchers in (thermo)mechanics and transport phenomena in random and/or fractal materials and stochastic multiscale problems.

    Course Fee: $200

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